On the Live Tracking page there are 3 different views, as described in this article. One of them is the 'List View', which you can configure by adding or removing columns.

You can create multiple lists and name them with a unique name so that you can quickly switch between different views.

Select List View 

The default list is then displayed. You can change this list by selecting the pencil or you can add a new list.

Customise the default list:

Select the pencil

The screen below will then be visible.

Description: the name of the list

Available columns: The user can indicate which information he wishes to visualise in the list.

  • Standard: standard Suivo info
  • Attributes:    Information created by the customer that is relevant to him. See this article to create attributes.

As soon as you tick a column under Available columns, this column appears under Listed columns.

Listed columns:

This shows the currently active columns that are visible in list view. The location of the column can be changed by clicking on the arrows next to its name. This moves the column forward or backward.

If a column doesn't need to be visible any more, uncheck it and it will become visible under available columns.

Then confirm your choice by clicking on Save.

Create one or more new lists.

As described earlier in this article you can create your own lists as a user. This is useful if you wish to visualise information from different attributes such as:

  • list of assets where only the attribute next inspection date is shown
  • list of personal status e.g.: mobility, employment status,....
  • ...

Select Add new

Description: Give a name to the new list

Uncheck new columns to show under Available columns or uncheck columns to show in Listed columns.

Then click Save to save the new list.