Release Q1 2021 (EN)

Our main goal for this release was to make the web platform feel lighter and more modern to enhance the user experience. Keep on reading to discover what’s new!

The renewed interface:

- We’ve rebranded the user interface of the web platform to match the Suivo look & feel. The color theme, fonts, lines, icons, and other visual components are updated.

- The menu structure, buttons, page lay-out and forms are still the same as before.

- You can still switch back to the old version through ‘Web Settings’ > ’Change Style’ and then turn the switcher on. This function will be available until the 27th of June 2021.

Interactive views:

- The Interactive Views page has been restructured; the different components (e.g. eco scores) are not in the overview anymore but will open in a separate window.

- The list on the left and overview on the top can collapse now to open up more space for the map.

- We’ve made manuals for the new Interactive Views here;

Dutch version

French version


- You’ll be able to find our manuals back via the ‘?’ icon in the menu in the Dutch and French version of the platform.

- Not new, but a small reminder that you can find your tickets back on our servicedesk platform. If you haven’t used it yet, you can find the instructions here: