User can reserve an asset via the calendar through 2 ways:

  • directly in the calendar (only for one asset)
  • via the "+ Create new" button

Request via Calendar

Step 1. Select "Calendar"

The calendar view is visualized by week.

On the left, all assets are shown.  

In the View, a user can quickly filter if the Advanced Search feature is activated.

 A filter functionality is then displayed below the column name.

Step 2. Click directly in the calendar on the day you wish to reserve the asset.

A pop-up is displayed of the requested asset.

Step 3. Time Period.

Using the calendar picker, choose a start and end date with optional start time and end time.

Step 4. Project.

Asset reservation can optionally be linked to a Project. Choose a project from the drop-down.

Step 5. Comment.

Optionally, you can enter a reason why you wish to reserve the asset in the comment field.

This information is visible to the user who needs to approve the reservation.

Step 6. Notify me via email:

As a user, you can set one or more notifications for this reservation:

  • Reservation is approved
  • Reservation is refused
  • Pickup is in ....
  • Return is in ....

Place the slider active to set a notification.

By default, the email address you log in with is shown. If necessary, this can be changed.

Choose a trigger when you wish to receive a notification/notification:


Step 7. Click "Reserve" button. 

If you use configuration "Reservation with approval" - the reservation will be forwarded to the responsible approver for approval.