Request via "Reservations"

Step 1. Click the "+Create new" button

The reservation request form is displayed.

Step 2

  • Select the person for whom the asset should be reserved.  It is also possible to reserve assets for other persons 
  • Using the calendar picker, choose a start and end date with optional start time and end time.
  • Link your reservation to an existing project if necessary.
  • Enable "Keep me informed via email" if you:
    • want to get an email about the reservation status -approved/rejected
    • want to receive a reminder email when you need to pick up/return the asset.


Click "Next" button. 

Step 3. Select the group or type of the desired asset.

Hover over an asset you wish to reserve. Select the '+' icon.

When the asset is displayed in the screen to the right, click "Next."

The summary is displayed.

Step 4.  Check that everything is correct, add a comment if necessary and click "Save" button.

If you use configuration "Reservation with approval" - the reservation will be forwarded to the responsible approver for approval.