Installation Suivo Pilot app


The Suivo Pilot app should always be installed as the main app which controls all other module apps. 

Connect the mobile device to a WiFi network or use the SIM data network connection.

Use the web browser on the mobile device to download the APK file from our website:  

Click the file and the Suivo Pilot app will be automatically installed, if you receive a message concerning file installation from unknown sources acknowledge the installation.

At the end of the installation process, you will have to choose between “done” and “open”. Click “open” to make sure that the Pilot is running. The Pilot app will be launched automatically at future device startups. Make sure that you don’t force the Pilot to stop.

Following icon should appear on your mobile device’s desktop: 




Configuration Suivo Pilot app


At first start, you will need to enter a commissioning code, received from Suivo , as a number or a QR-code. 

Manually fill in the code in the following field

Or use the device’s camera if you have a QR code: 

A popup will appear “No data, please wait”, this will take at least 10 seconds. 

A commissioning code can only be used on 1 device. The same commissioning code cannot be used on another device. However, you can reuse the same commissioning code on the same device, in case you would have to reinstall the Pilot app.