Interactive Views: Entity Search 

The Interactive Views now feature a new entity dropdown. 


In the past this dropdown had a different section for each group. As a result, some entities were duplicated (in case they belonged to several groups) which made the dropdown complex. 


The new component only shows each entity once, displaying the groups it belongs to next to the entity. This component also allows the user to filter entities by group or type 


Vehicle Week MOI 8 01. RH-1AZP380 Actiæ. _ [3 03_a RV-1LGU802 A"ets, APITEST, 03_b RV oneP1us 5 n a History 03_d RV oneP1us g 04. RH-WKZ084 Ridæ OA203CA1 Rides


Vehicle 01. RH-1AZP380 Week Month Year 01/09/2022 Day overview Activity cwerview Spe ed Iden Group Search or select option._ Type Search or select option... Include inactive assets upled trucl Hours Percentages Operating Clear OH INV vO Buzzer L'O RFIO LED ERN D Remember filter AppW



People Tracker : SOS Function 


This new releases adds platform support for the SOS button present on the People Tracker hardware. When pressing this button for a few seconds, an SOS is sent to the Suivo platform (using the Sigfox network). 


In the web interface, customers can configure which email adressess this SOS should be sent to and what the content of the email should be: 


Configuration Subject Person sos Message History Person pressed sos button SöddressS SlongitudeS SlatitudeS @ StimeS by SnameS ( SemaiIS StelephoneSl Recipients Include responsible contact


A history of triggered alerts is also available on the Web Application: 


Config u ration August 2022 Histo ry Person PeopleTrackerTest PeopleTrackerTest PeopleTrackerTest PeopleTrackerTest PeopleTrackerTest PeopleTrackerTest PeopleTrackerTest PeopleTrackerTest PeopleTrackerTest PeopleTrackerTest Location Bautersemstraat 55 - 2550 Kontich (be) Parklaan - 2650 Edegem (be) Biesaard - 2550 Kontich (be) Mariekes Test 2550 Kontich (be) 12/08/2022 07:52 12/08/2022 07:35 12/08/2022 07:35 12/08/2022 07:34 12/08/2022 07:33  



Person/Location/Unit Administration: set responsible contact in batch 


Admin / Persons 148 item(s) selected Name Selection 0040110091000000 0140110070000000 02AE5EC1401820 Export selecti on Advanced export Edit person info Working Hours Checkin settings Set responsible contact 4011 4011 5EC1  



Live Tracking: it is now possible to visualise responsible contact of asset on Detail Screen and in list 


Position. • x Export W. Showing I - 18 out of 18 items Name / Group YH/ 2-BEH-630 (Active. ALI Assets. History. History. yentheprivate. yentheSuivo) WB-1-UQ3-786 (Active. ALI Assets. History. Time Key group. app Token group) Viloc Kees (All Assets. History) SR Gateway Micro 7 n. squared Standalone (Active. ALI Assets. History) REMOTE RH 36730m (AIL Assets. History. Robert Rides) Last Data 11:00 10:59 09:25 11:10 11:08 10:27 Location / ETA YH home WB/KB Home 4617 Bergen op Zoo... Suivo R&D and Ma. _ Suivo R&D and Ma___ Spe__ O kph O kph O kph kph O kph Responsible contact huysmans yenthe Johnny wim.basstanie@suivo_ com My Overview WB-1-UQB-786 Motion: Parked AU Data Configure My Overview rg Asset Events Asset parameters Attributes Find nearby assets General Location data Map Messaging Responsible contact Johnny  



Notifications: trigger alert X days before ALR/ASR battery runs out 


1. Type: Estimated Battery Life v Parameters Description (required) Message (required) Subject (required) &.'ent Alarm [SunitS] Trigger threshold @ Trigger at battery expiry 2. General 4_ Summary o Sta rt date: 01 log '2022 Stop date: days before expiry  



Lists: revised advanced filtering on date fields 


Message O All @ By condition _ _ On date v dd On date Before date After date Last days) Longer than days)  


Message O All @ By condition. _ Last v days  


Checkin: it is now possible to send an email when a checkin has failed 


Contact Email Send mail when checkin fails Send mail in case of a site conflict  


Site detail Description: RSZ Site Code: Time clock: Linked location: Start date: Stop date: Checkln Interval: Site Conflicts: Contact Delete Name Ma nual A Sels Tom (Employee ID: I) Lv21/1694-211145 NOBEL - LV21/104-211145 NOBEL IY102H37HXR8Z Automatic Checkin Edit Vroomshoop Linderflier RSZ confirmation Invalid VAT number 9 Resolve site conflicts manually checkin@selsxyz Social security nr_ 8302013g373 4 5, KeyEQ rd @2022 200 m cf l_læ X Delete  



  • Dashboards now available for all users with dashboard permission (no long full access only) 

  • Ability to create own dashboards with own widgets alongside (or instead of) default dashboard 

Dashboards can be shared with other users or user profiles 

Filtering on widgets (group, type, status, …)