Suivo Starter

External NFC reader: changed sleep time and added wake-up

We changed the sleep time (when the device goes into a battery-saving standby mode) of the ACS reader from 60 seconds to 180 seconds.
+ we will wake up the reader again, if the app is still in the foreground.
This way, the scanner should be active as long as the app is active (on a screen where scanning is allowed).
 (note: this will increase the battery consumption of the scanner)


New Bosch enrollment flow

We’ve added some information popups for enrolling Bosch devices (to check if the tag and battery are installed).

After finding a Bosch tag, we use the server lookup table to provide the product name and avatar.
After enrollment, this info will be saved and shown in the details screens (also on Suivo Worker app).

Suivo Time Logger

Cloud messaging for checkin

Equal to the Check-in-at-work app, the Suivo Time Logger app will now show a notification when a checkin is submitted and the app is not running. (or update the interface in personal view when the app is running)


New (operator) configuration for viewing/editing own/others identification

On backoffice, there are now 4 new configuration options for ‘Operator’ (on customer level).

Allow view/edit own identifications change the permissions for the logged in user on personal view of the Time Logger app.
Allow view/edit identifications of others change the permission for team members (personal view) and driver/passengers (vehicle view).

Get identification history from server instead of device registrations

In the previous version, the shown identifications were only the ones which were selected on the device (except those of the logged in person on person view).
Now, the history will be collected from the server.
It is also possible to change a different date.

Checkin info in separate tab

The selected site and checkin status will no longer be shown underneath the identifications.
Instead, we’ve added a new tab in the identification history for check ins.

Show existing status of start of the selected day

The identifications history now includes the status on which the person was at the start of the day (last status of previous day).
 The timeline and totals should now be the same as shown on the Suivo website.

Edit/delete identification

It is now possible to edit an identification on the Time Logger app by clicking the item on the identification history list.
You can change status, code, vehicle, driver/passenger or time.
You can select a time from the drive moments of the vehicle (equal to web)
Clicking on a selected moment, will open a map.

On the upper right corner, you are able to delete the selected identification.

Add identifications in the past

In the identification history, a user can change the date. If you press the add (+) button on the selected date, the user can add an identification for that day.