In Live Tracking you have the possibility to create one or multiple filters. These filters ensure that you can quickly switch between different views.

Some examples of things you can filter in this way are:

  • Only show the parked vehicles
  • Show the vehicles of group x or group y
  • Show all vehicles that are active but not those that have asset status x or y
  • Give me all assets in a certain cost location
  • Show me all vehicles on location x
  • ...

How do you set the filters?

Step 1. Select the filter icon at the right to create a new filter

Step 2. The window below appears automatically.

Step 3. Enter the desired name of the filter in the 'description' box. 

Step 4. Choose 'Default filter' by activating the slider if you want to use this filter as a standard view. 

E.g; when you want some users to see by default all vehicles West Flanders and another group of users all vehicles East Flanders as their standard.

Step 5. Set the filter by clicking the checkbox and setting the conditions for the item you wish to create a filter for.

If the filters have been created on the Admin Account, the admin administrator can activate the created filters for other users as well.