To use the reservation module, the users must have certain permissions assigned. Even the users with full access profile cannot request the reservations until the permissions are assigned.

Important:  Only a user with Admin rights can modify profile permissions. 

Step 1. Go to "Admin/Users"

Step 2. Select "Profiles"Click "Create Profile"

Step 3. 

Enter the Name of the profile. Choose the default profile to which you want to add reservation rights. 

Click "Next".

Step 4.


Scroll down to "Reservations" and check the permissions you want to add :

  • Reservations access - this option is ticked for users who are allowed to request reservations
  • Manage reservations - check this box for users who may request reservations and approve or deny reservations from other users.

Click on "Next".


Do you want the users not to be able to see who has reserved the asset? Then you need to uncheck the "User Information".  

However, this option must remain checked for reservation administrators.

Step 5. 

Choose the visibility level of the profile - whether to show all information or not.

Click "Next".

Stap 6.

Check that all permissions are checked correctly and click "Save".

Step 7.

Go to "Admin/Users".

Step 8.

Hover over the user you want to modify or create a new user.  

Click on the "pencil" icon.

Step 9.

An info screen of the user is displayed. Go to "User profile and permissions".

Open the Profile options and select the profile with the reservation rights we have just created.

Step 10

Click "OK" to confirm the changes.