Go to "Fleet/Reservations". 

You can view reservations in several ways:

1. Via Dashboard

Here you will see the following:

  • Pickups today - Assets to be picked up today
  • Returns today - Assets to be returned today
  • Reservation requests - Reservations that still need to be approved or denied
  • Warning - notifications about assets not picked up or not returned.

2. Via Calendar 

Here you will see the following:

  1. Asset list (you can adjust the display via View settings on the right)
  2. Week displayed in the calendar (you can change the week if you click on the arrows left or right)
  3. Reservations with the applicant's name and date (if you click on them, you will see details of the reservation)

3. Via Reservaties 

Here you see the list of all reservations. You can take the following actions: 

  • You can look up the reservations in the search field. 

  • You can sort the reservations by reservation status. Click "Advanced Search." Click the field under "Reservation state", check the option you want to sort by. Click "Apply."

  • You can customize the reservation list view:

Click "+ Add new list view preset..."

Enter the name of the list configuration. Select which columns or attributes you want to see in the list and click "Save."

Then you will see the custom view: