Assets are visualised via a map or map/list view. By default, the label visible on the map view shows the name of the asset.

The user can customise the label with additional information such as:

  • identification of person (who is present in the vehicle)
  • person group
  • attributes
  • ...

How to modify a label?

Step 1. Select the hamburger sign at the top left of the map.

Step 2. Select 'map markers'.

Step 3. Select the labels you wish to customise. You can do this for both assets and locations.

E.g. If you wish to see who is present in the vehicle, select the arrow and tick the identification box. 

If you wish to expand the label with information from the created attributes, you can do so in custom configurations. This can be found by clicking 'Custom'.

Close your selection by clicking "Close" button and then close the control panel by clicking on X icon at the top right.

Step 4. The label on the map should be modified and then look like this: